Not to be confused with Savvy (novel).

Savvies (occasionally called jujubes) are special, exclusive talents obtained by certain humans. Savvies can only be obtained if the person's mother and/or father had one her/himself. There is a wide variety of savvys, see List of Savvys for more detail.

Notable People with SavviesEdit

  • Mibs Beaumont
  • Momma Beaumont
  • Grandpa Bomba
  • Grandma Dollop
  • Rocket Beaumont
  • Fish Beaumont
  • Samson Beaumont
  • Ledger Kale
  • Great Aunt Jubilee
  • Great Aunt Jules
  • Olive
  • Uncle Autry
  • Aunt Dinah
  • Marisol
  • Mesquite
  • Mellie
  • Yeagers
  • Mendelssohns
  • Paynes
  • Danzingers
  • O'Connels
  • Beachams