Mississippi "Mibs" Beaumont is the protagonist of the novel Savvy by Ingrid Law. She is the third child of the family, and the first girl. At the beginning Savvy, she is worried about obtaining her savvy when she reaches 13. She lived with her parents, Grandpa Bomba, and her four siblings (Rocket, Fish, Samson and Gypsy) in a place her grandfather created, Kansaska-Nebransas, in the first book. She gained a little brother named Tucker between Savvy and Scumble. In the end of Scumble, she is engaged to Will Meeks Junior.


Mibs is a good-natured religious girl. She doesn't have any good friends outside the family except for Will Junior, the grandson of the pastor at church. She always prays to God and asks him to help her out. She is a bit stubborn at times, but genuinely loves her family. She is also very determined. She is also very caring for others since she was willing to go all the way to Salina Hope Hospital to save her father from a coma.

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Mibs didn't appear in this book, but she is mentioned by Gypsy in a flashback. She is not affect by the switch.