Fish Beaumont: changing the weather based on his mood

Rocket Beaumont: controlling electricity

Grandpa Bomba O'Connell: along with his moods he makes the earth shift and shake

Grandma Dollop O'Connell: makes, captures, and listens to radio waves

Great Aunt Jules: when she sneezes she goes back in time by 20 minutes

Samson Beaumont: disappear and reappear at will (After the Switch, control fire)

Mississippi "Mibs" Beaumont: hears people thinking through ink on their bodies

Jenny Beaumont: being perfect (After the Switch, no perfection, clumsy)

Gypsy Beaumont: Can see people's past and future. (After the Switch, can stop time for anyone who does not have a birthday on October 11th)

Tucker Beaumont: Can grow in size (Gypsy predicts he will be able to shrink as well after 13th birthday)

Dinah Kale: Can get people to do whatever she wants

Ledger Kale: Can fix and break things at will

Ferris O'Connell: Ice and snow generation

Autry O'Connell: Bug control

Marisol and Mesquite O'Connell: Levitation (They share a savvy because they are twins)

Olive: Heat vision

Sarah Jane Cabot: Make anyone believe what she writes