Ledger "Ledge" Kale is the son of Dinah and Thomas Kale. He has a sister named Fedora. He is currently 13 years old, and the main protagonist of Scumble. When he turned 13 he got his own "Savvy". But he only destroys everything in half.


Ledge's savvy is quite interesting, as he can make things fall apart and put them back together in a new and different way.

He earned his savvy while running around the block trying to cast the savvy he wanted, to work.

Ledger originally wanted to have super speed but he didn't get his wish because you can never really know what savvy you will get. It will always be a suprise. If it is a good one or not depends on you.


Fedora Kale: Fedora is Ledge's sister, even though they seem to hate each other at times, they still care for each other like a brother and sister should.

Sara Jane Cabot: Sarah Jane or SJ as Ledge calls her, is Ledge's friend and possible love interest. Ledge has kissed her once when trying to get back the wedding jar. Followed by SJ hitting him. He also wanted to kiss her again when they were in her father's office building but decided not to. At the end of Scumble when he went back to his home he got a letter from her saying she was going to kiss him the next time she saw him. When Ledge saw her again he didn't get a kiss, instead he got a letter that said "Don't believe everything you read."

Physical Appearance Edit

Ledge is a male, with short brown hair and a tall thin appearence.