Jenny Beaumont (née O'Connell) is the middle child of Bomba O'Connell and Dollop O'Connell. She is the mother of Rocket, Fish, Mibs, Samson, Gypsy and Tucker. She is the aunt of Ledger, Fedora, Marisol and Mesquite. She is the wife of Abram Beaumont and the sister in law to Thomas Kale and Rosa Maria O'Connell. Her savvy is to be perfect at everything she does and even make perfect mistakes. After the Switch, she became clumsy and accident-prone. She makes appearances in all three books.

Character History Edit

In Savvy, she travels to Salina with Rocket after the crash. She is absent from most of the book, as it centers on Mibs's journey. She only pears in the beginning and ending of the book.

In Scumble, it mentions that she paints. Ledger briefly mentions her and her savvy, but doesn’t say much. Again, she doesn’t play a big role in the story.

In Switch, her savvy is switched to being accident prone. Gypsy notices that has stains on her clothes and isn’t as kind. On her birthday, Gypsy sees that her Mother was going to crash the car in the snow. Again, Jenny doesn't play a very big part in the story, but mentioned a significant amount more than in the other books.