Bomba O'Connell is the father of Jenny, Dinah and Autry.The brother in law of Julianna and Jubilee. The grandfather of Rocket, Fish, Mibs, Samson, Gypsy, Tucker, Ledger, Fedora, Marisol and Mesquite. He is also the father in law of Abram, Thomas, and Rosa Maria. His wife is deceased, and he himself is quite old. He died peacefully in his sleep in the end of Scumble.


"When Grandpa wasn't a grandpa and was just instead a small-fry, hobbledhoy boy blowing out thirteen dripping candles on a lopsided cake, his savvy hit him hard and sudden-- just like it did to Fish that day of the backyard birthday party and the hurricane-- and the entire state of Idaho got made. At least, that's the way Grandpa Bomba always told the story."

Grandpa Bomba's savvy gives him the power to move mountains and manipulate the land. He created the state of Kansaska-Nebransas for his family.